Who we are

WalletStones is an independent company founded on the basis of card organization, stylization and revitalization. We have strived to bring you a product that allows personal representation, a new sense of fashion and a system for better organization within the confines of your wallet.

 WalletStones was forged out of a moment of necessity. Many may know it: the lights on the police cruiser behind you begin flashing and it’s obvious they’re meant for you. The police officer politely asks for your driver’s license. With shaking hands you offer him your credit card by mistake. It’s not the first time he’s been offered the wrong card, he assures you while you shuffle through various cards realizing all your fingers have turned to thumbs.

To make a long story short, after finally producing a valid license, thankfully only a warning was issued and an idea was born. There are ways to organize everything, everywhere…except the cards in your wallet that you rely on to carry you through the day. With an entirely new concept in mind, we have added a new level of harmony to your daily life, a beautiful sleeve with an easy to reach tab. We began prototyping various materials and designs, then we added fabulous finishing touches.

WalletStones is ready to make its debut. Our aim is to place inspired organization at your fingertips. We think you’ll agree that with WalletStones it’s easier to put your best card forward.