Welcome to a more organized you.

Are the cards in your wallet a little disorganized at times? Maybe the cards themselves are hard to remove when the time comes? Does your wallet need a little more color, or does it need to be a better representation of who you are? WalletStones has the answers.

The first-of-its kind designer card sleeve, WalletStones transforms the cards in your wallet into an elegant, organized collection.

Sleek, bold, richly colored, these sleeves enclose your most important cards to make them instantly accessible. They begin with a strong, clean design that incorporates a see-through window.

The colors are vibrant with a stunning motif to inspire your imagination. The easy access finger tab is an eye-catching accent that allows you to access your cards with a gentle pull.

With WalletStones you can...


{No more hide and seek}

How many times have you had to fumble through your wallet at the checkout, desperately searching for the right card, with a line stretching into next week sprawling behind you? Have you ever been at dinner with friends only to smile at the waiter and confidently hand him your insurance card when it’s time to pay the bill?

WalletStones is here to make finding the right card simple, quick and painless. We want to make every transaction in your busy life as easy as possible.


{Hit the town}

Most credit cards are functional but far from beautiful. And our personal information is on display every time we remove a card from our wallet. WalletStones makes your privacy and fashion sense our top priority. Visibly different, our stylish sleeves protect your cards from wear, keep your information safe from prying eyes, and show off your chic every time you make a payment.


{Notice me}

Sometimes wallets just want a little love. WalletStones effortlessly gives your wallet a splash of inspiration and color, and you’ll love using them.